Dumpster Fire 2020 by Kino Knits

Pattern Name: Dumpster Fire 2020
Pattern Designer: Kino Knits
Yarn: Various worsted acrylic yarn
Colorway: lots of colors
Needles: 2.75mm 40 inch circulars
Size: using fingering size needles but worsted weight yarn
Knitted by: Caitlyn
Started: 12/20/21
Completed: 8/17/21
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Pattern Designer Website

The pattern calls for duplicate stitch but I switched to stranded after the first one.  I’m knitting multiple at a time. I have found I can knit 4 dumpsters without tangling issues (probably could do more if I attempted to manage my skeins better). I have also found I can knit 7 flames without having issues with tangling.

5/3 – I now have 10 dumpsters knitted…now for more flames!

5/18 – I Now have 10 finished dumpsters! Now for more!

8/17/21 Completed 20 Dumpsters!

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