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Episode 14: Blocking you knits

Episode Description: Can you use a beer bottle to block socks?Episode Number: 14Record Date: 6/23/21Publish Date: 7/6/21 Dranks American Beer night!Bud LightCoors LightPBR Podcast beverages (Links direct to Untappd) Announcements and Gravel Knits Events KJ & CC: Our First ever make along – Hat Not Hatehttps://hatnothate.org/ Don’t forget about our Hat not Hate MAL!Submissions due […]

Short Cuts Episode 3: Life of the gravel biker and the gravel biker knitter

Record Date: 6/15/21Publish Date: Next, Next Thursday Cole is originally from Redfield, Iowa and has been biking forever.  He likes micro brews, long bike rides, and letting his amazing hair blow in the wind.   We know that you all are familiar with our podcast host Kelsi-but just a quick intro about Kelsi:  Kelsi is from […]

Episode 13: Random Knitting Tips I wish I knew

Topic: Learning from less than ideal results Episode Number: 13Record Date: 6/3/21Publish Date: 6/22/21 Dranks – Purple label night! Podcast beverages (Links direct to Untappd)With Pride from Singlespeed Brewing CompanyDouble Black Berry Sour from Big Grove BreweryMind Haze Double IPA from Firestone Walker Brewing Company Announcements and Gravel Knits Events KJ: We have a couple episodes […]

Short Cuts Episode 2: CrossKnit

Short Cuts Episode 2: CrossKnit Record Date: 5/25/21Publish Date: 6/9/21 Episode Summary We interview Jessica Pilling! Jess is a loving dog mom, educator at lululemon athletica, a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CCFT-L3),  CrossFit Seminar Travel Team Coordinator, CrossFit L1 Seminar Staff Head Trainer, and an owner of CrossFit Max Oxygen. We discuss the importance […]

Episode 12: What is in your project bag?

Topic: What notions do you keep in your project bag(s)?Episode Number: 12Record Date: 5/21/21Publish Date: 6/1/21 Dranks-Kelsi It’s raid Kelsi’s fridge night !!Podcast beverages (Links direct to Untappd)First Drink – Fuck Covid – Ale Asylum Announcements and Gravel Knits Events For our first ever MAL we will be making blue hats for Hat not Hate!Knit, […]

Profile of a Knitter

Episode Number: 10Topic: Profile of a KnitterRecord Date: 4/30/21Publish Date: 5/18/21 Dranks-Jess Mixed drinks! We had a mimosa, a twist on a screwdriver (Malibu and Orange juice, instead of vodka), and some Margaritas! Announcements and Gravel Knits Events Paula Emons-Fuessle host of the  Knitting Pipeline (ovarian cancer)Donations and Information Online donations end 4/30 but there […]

Short Cuts Episode 1: Super Soakers

Short Cuts Episode 1: Super Soakers!Record Date: 5/5/21Publish Date: 5/13/21 Announcements The daily NY Times Website link to apple podcasts, episode “Guilty on all charges” Get vaccinated!  For the US 16 or older is eligible!  One last announcement!  Caitlyn and Kelsi are participating in the 5k MAL with Knit Circus!  Join us! Previous Project Cheeky […]

Bah Bah Barb!

Topic: Interview with BarbEpisode number: 11Record Date: 3/12/21Publish Date: 5/4/21 Today we have a special guest!  Barb!  Barb is a bike rider, brew master, and crafter!  Barb’s pronouns are She, Her, & Hers. Dranks-Kelsi and Barb! All the beers from 515 Brewing!  Lil Tart – Orange Cranberry DreamsicleMexican SpringPasse – Citra Pale Ale Interview with […]

Maple Starship

Topic: Frogging PartyEpisode 9: Frogging Episode!!!Record Date: 4/6/21Publish Date: 4/27/21 Dranks-EVERYONE!   Podcast beverages (Links direct to Untappd)Jess – Blonde Fatale – PeaceTree “Smack ya in the face with the alcohol” Caitlyn – Maple Starship – Fishback & Stephenson – Cider – Herbed / Spiced / Hopped Untapped Kelsi – Gold Hills Black Currant Cider – […]

AFO - Almost Finished Object

Episode 8: Enhancing your stash! Topic: How to build an effective StashRecord Date: 3/19/21Publish Date: 4/13/21 Dranks-Caitlyn Podcast beverages (Links direct to Untappd) Honey Kolsch – RogueAles – Dedicated to the Bees!Sucha Much IPA – Kalona Brewing CompanyCookie Junkie Dessert Stout – Backpocket Brewery Announcements and Gravel Knits Events Please leave us a review wherever […]

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