Episode 13: Random Knitting Tips I wish I knew

Topic: Learning from less than ideal results 
Episode Number: 13
Record Date: 6/3/21
Publish Date: 6/22/21

Dranks – Purple label night!

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Announcements and Gravel Knits Events

KJ: We have a couple episodes out there now, but if you haven’t noticed yet, we have a supplemental show to Gravel Knits – Short Cuts. These shorter episodes will cover anything and everything that doesn’t fit into our regular episodes.  From past projects to our more active side of life and plenty in between.

KJ & CC:

Our First ever make along – Hat Not Hate

Any type of yarn, any pattern as long as the hat’s circumference is 16-20 inches and the hat is 75% blue.  Each hat counts as an entry!
“The color blue represents awareness, peace, and solidarity. Blue is the color to wear in support of anti-bullying.”
For more information, view the website-or any of the many many podcasts Shira has been on!  She has a story many of us can relate to.

There are several places to enter – Instagram, Our Facebook group, a special page on our Website and in our Ravelry group.

Please use TWO hashtags, one for our tracking and one to support the program

I thought I knew how podcast  just finished a MAL for Hat not hate-feel free to also enter your hats here!

Shout Outs

New Podcast! Herd About Knits (instagram yarnminx) UPDATE-instagram is now: fiberminx
Caitlyn: She covers several topics during her first episode and I enjoyed it!

Rinzen_115 – We have decided that you are our number one superfan, thanks for always commenting and making us smile! 


What’s Brewing (Current projects/ cast ons)


Wedding dress!
Take a Bow Dress – Lauren Riker, Girly Knits
Ravelry Link  https://girlyknits.com/
Knit Picks Gloss DK in Robot

Andrea Mowry
My handspun
My Rav project

Outline Tank – Jessie Mae of Jessie Maed Designs  –  Still need to drop the dropped parts and attach the straps 
Grey – Boozy Broad Yarn (sadly no longer in business)

Arcade  – My handspun from Greenwood Fiberworks in 50/50 Merino/Silk
Ravelry Link

DK Ripple Bralette – Another Jessie Maed – This might be done in time!
DK Scraps
Ravelry Link


Bryan’s Car Project: Traditional Dishcloth by Staci Perry
Lily Sugar’n Cream Ombres; Colorway: Autumn leaves (Maroon, yellow, brown, and green) Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids & Denim; Colorway: Sage (Green)
Starting the decreases on both sides!  This is a massive towel and i love it
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Caitlyn’s Car Project: Grandma’s Dishcloth by PJ Allen.  
Lilly Sugar & Creme Grape and Dark Pine.  Striping but changing in the middle every 2 rows. 
Ravelry Link

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Kitchen Table Project: Before & After Socks by Marceline Smith
Needles: US 1 – 2.25 mm; US 0 – 2.0 mm Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Hand Painted Colorway: Gumball (all sorts of vibrant colors in microstriping)
I didn’t mention this last episode but the designer is a BIPOC designer.  She even commented on my instagram post-I feel like a celebrity 🙂
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Living Room: Dumpster Fire 2020 by Kino Knits.
Various super value worsted acrylic yarns, I think it’s mostly red heart.  Lots of colors!
Using US 2, 2.75 mm needles.
Going through the pattern for a third time.  I have 10 dumpsters completed.  I have started knitting more dumpsters I’m hopping to do 10+ more but we will see how many more I feel like knitting.  
Kelsi Challenged me to make a rainbow one and I found some crazy cotton candy colored yarn and I just had to make two of them.
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Hat not hate MAL
Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling Hat Not Hate Latvian Braid Hat
Yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Merino Yak Alpaca Colorway: 107 Denim
My first time doing a latvian braid!
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Hat not hate MAL
Kitchen Table: Rhys Hat by Laura Reinbach
Yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Merino Yak Alpaca Colorway: 110 Navy
Colorwork, hoping to work on holding yarn in each hand.
Having so much fun with this hat!  Knitting inside out during colorwork.  I’m excited for the decreases both ssk and k2tog.
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Living Room: Birthday cast on! Outline Tank by Jessie Mae
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock Colorway: 870 Candombe
Birthday 2021 Cast On!

Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link
Free Pattern!Rykers’s Room: Slip Stitch Dish Towel by Willow Yarns Design Team
Yarn: recycled cotton yarn from a cotton sweater I purchased from goodwill.  This is going to be part of multiple towels for my sister for a wedding present.  She is all about creative reuse so I think this will be right up her alley since I can’t do what I originally planned for her wedding present.
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

End of the Trail (FOs)


Antler Pullover – Tin Can Knits!!!!!!!!!
Berroco Vintage Chunky – Leftovers from Glamping Blanket in neapolitan color blocking

Hat Not Hate Ribbed Beanie
My own pattern  88 stitches on size 5 needles
LB Merino Yak Alpaca in Denim


Ryker’s Room: Pinwheel Dishcloth by Allison Griffith
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream White, Red, Hot Purple, Dark Pine, Light Blue
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Speckled Space Socks by Amanda Stephens 
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering Tonal Colorway: Inverness
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

What’s Hopping (Stash Enhancements/Yarn collecting)


Dress yarn

Colorado yarn store add hashtags 🙂


Knit Picks Stroll Hand Painted Colorway: Mix Tape
Then bought a few others from Knit Picks for looking for a good color for my Skulls in my Krampusnacht Socks by Carlie Perrins Ravelry Link
Muse Sock Yarn Colorways: Endurance Speckle, Kindness Speckle 
Stroll Hand Paint Colorway: Yeti 
Stroll Tonal: Pearlescent 
Hawthorne Speckle: Panettone  (Creamy color with speckles of yellow, orange, and teal)

Hangovers (Knitting Disasters)


The antler pullover

Topic: Tips we wish we knew 


NUMBER 1: youtube-just because you have something that works, even if it works well, there may be a better way or way that you would like more!

Color work-knit inside out!

Don’t pull the first stitch when doing magic loop (do three before the end and the second stitch on the new needle if you think it’s loose) 

Swatch-create a swatch for multiple needles sizes separated by a row different than the pattern you are switching to avoid having to knit multiple swatches 

It’s okay to break the rules-if it works for you then it’s okay-I will switch the style of needles through a project multiple times to fit my mood not just the demand of the project (like the toe of the sock/top of a hat)

Now where you like to pull from-my tension works best when I have the yarn balls/cakes in front of me so I try to keep that no matter what I’m knitting

Negative ease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hats, Socks, some sweater patterns, etc.

When knitting in the round-it’s best to have a purl stitch on the end of the needle and the begining of the needle instead of having to purl on the first stitch


There’s more than one kind of cast on?

What is gauge and what does that matter?

Who cares about knots?

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