Episode 55: Can I Touch It?

Episode 55: Can I Touch It?

Episode Number: 55

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M Beers!

Mango & Stash by Hopvalley Brewing Co

Match + Maker Choclate Cherry Vanilla Stout Empyrean Brewing Co


Announcements and Gravel Knits Events

Year Long Fiber Challenge

Submission Form


There will be prizes!


What have you been listening to?

Tipsy Knits Podcast

Sometimes they drink sometimes they dont, they are funny, they are real!

Cia & Pip from Glasgow (Scotland)



What’s Brewing Current projects/ cast ons)


Slipping Sidways Sweater

Turquoise Toque Designs

Kelsi’s Ravelry Project


Cozy Autumn Socks

This Handmade Life

Free Pattern!

Kelsi’s Ravelry Project


Granny Square Thing – Fibernymph

Two Ewes Knit Along.


Outline Tank

Jessie Mae

Kelsi’s Ravelry Project




Thicksgiving Socks by Summer Lee
3.5 MM needles
need to add yarn but it’s Knit Picks Chroma and New Garden yarns held with Knit Picks Stroll in a tonal
This is my movie theater and car knitting 🙂

Ravelry Link


West Side Market Bag by Corrie Purdum
US 9 – 5.5 mm
Lion Brand Re-Up: 503 Saffron
My new walking and knitting project 🙂 My first knitted bag!

Ravelry Link


Megaliths Tee Test Knit
HiKoo Sueño Tweed

Ravelry Link


What’s on tap (FOs)


Planned Parenthood Dishcloth
Needle: US 11 – 8.0 mm
Yarn: Lion Brand Re-Up
Colorways: Black, Cotton Candy, & Aqua

Ravelry Link


Hangovers (Knitting Disasters)

What’s your hangover score? Coffee? Advil? PUking??!


Pebbles Sweater. She has an awesome set of tables that lay out the yoke. In the yoke there are 4 cables that are done on opposite rows from the raglan increases. This threw me off a bit. At some point I started doing to the wrong increases. Which had me then switch to using different markers for each section of the yoke. I ended up running a lifeline through my work and ripping back 15 rows.



needle fail
sports bra biking fail


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