Maple Starship

Topic: Frogging Party
Episode 9: Frogging Episode!!!
Record Date: 4/6/21
Publish Date: 4/27/21


Podcast beverages (Links direct to Untappd)
Jess – Blonde Fatale – PeaceTree “Smack ya in the face with the alcohol”
Caitlyn – Maple Starship – Fishback & Stephenson – Cider – Herbed / Spiced / Hopped Untapped
Kelsi – Gold Hills Black Currant Cider – Saro Cider – Cider – Other Fruit Untappd


We would like to apologize, I (Caitlyn) did not realize that this was still unsafe for some people and that Ravelry ended the access to the safe version on March 31.  It is our intention to always be inclusive with everyone!  At this point we do not have a complete list of our projects listed outside Ravelry but we try to post frequently to instagram and are looking for another way to show our projections.   In the meantime-if you would like to see any projects that we discuss we are happy to personally send you via email, messenger, anything you would like to see. 


What’s Brewing (Current projects/ cast ons)

U-Turn Socks – General 

Living Room: Streamline Tank by Alexandra Tavel
Yarn: Lion Brand Coboo Colorway: 184 Peach Ravelry Link
Just one and a half ish straps left-my mom is coming in two weeks so I’m hoping when she comes I can see where she is and cast off at the perfect spot

Ryker’s Room: Stay Put Kitchen Towel by Carol Trouba Ravelry Link
Yarn: Recycled cotton sweater yarn Colorway: Light Brown and Lion Brand Re-Up Colorway: 112 Raspberry 
Started the second set of stripes!

Bedroom: Speckled Space Socks by Amanda Stephens Ravelry Link
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering Tonal Colorway: Inverness
At the leg!  Just need to find time to work on them 🙂

What’s Hopping (Stash Enhancements/Yarn collecting)

Got a few new clay molds, but no woolly stash enhancements

Stash Adjacent: New Directions in Sock Knitting, Ann Budd
Stash Mountain –
Yarn for A Hue Shift – Knit Picks Pastel Hue Shift Kit
Yarn for Sharon’s Glamping Blanket – Berroco Vintage Chunky (Moss, Mushroom, Cork, Rose Quartz)
Fibernymph Dye Works – 10th Anniversary Colorways – Bright on Bedazzled, Muted on Bronzed Sparkle; Fungi Pi and A Second Helping of Pi
Watts Yarn –

Knit Picks Muse – but not in my possession yet 🙂
Knit picks Chroma Twist Bulky – Vermont colorway also…not in my possession…yet

Hangovers (Knitting Disasters)

Cat attacked one of my cakes…but the yarn won and was fine


Cast On on google podcasts-some sort of issue with how they are pulling over on the RSS feed-but you can search by the episode titles and find them!  Then from there I was able to subscribe! 

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Gravel Knits believes everyone deserves to be included and loved regardless of who you love, beliefs, color, size, your gender, or whatever else makes you you.  Please keep in mind that we are human and while we are trying to educate ourselves there is always more to learn and any critiques are deeply appreciated.

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