Short Cuts Episode 3: Life of the gravel biker and the gravel biker knitter

Record Date: 6/15/21
Publish Date: Next, Next Thursday

Cole is originally from Redfield, Iowa and has been biking forever.  He likes micro brews, long bike rides, and letting his amazing hair blow in the wind.  

We know that you all are familiar with our podcast host Kelsi-but just a quick intro about Kelsi:  Kelsi is from Ames, Iowa and has also been biking since the beginning of time.  She likes micro brews, long bike rides, and Knitting in strange places during her biking adventures.

Tune into the episode to learn more about Cole and Kelsi and their experience Gravel Biking!

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Submissions due by: July 31 (Try to mail them in so that they arrive by August 1st)

Any type of yarn, any pattern as long as the hat’s circumference is 16-20 inches and the hat is 75% blue.  Each hat counts as an entry!

For more information, view the Hat not Hate website or our MAL page on the website.

There are several places to enter – Instagram, Our Facebook group, or our Website.

Please use TWO hashtags, one for our tracking and one to support the program
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Prizes will include a fibernymph dyeworks skein (you will get to choose between a few options) and some of Kelsi’s hand spun!

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