Short Cuts Episode 4: First Sweaters and Trail Etiquette

Record Date:  6/30/21
Publish Date: 7/15/21


Our First ever make along – Hat Not Hate
Don’t forget about our Hat not Hate MAL!
Submissions due by: July 31 (Try to mail them in so that they arrive by August 1st)
Any type of yarn, any pattern as long as the hat’s circumference is 16-20 inches and the hat is 75% blue.  Each hat counts as an entry!
For more information, view the Hat not Hate website or our MAL page on the website.
There are several places to enter – Instagram, Our Facebook group, or our Website.
Please use TWO hashtags, one for our tracking and one to support the program
Please include your desired username if submitting on our website.
Prizes will include a fibernymph dyeworks skein (you will get to choose between a few options) and some of Kelsi’s hand spun!

1-Previous Project

Our First Sweaters!

CC: Daelyn Pullover by Isabell Kraemer
Ravelry Link
Gravel Knits Website Link
Worsted Weight sweater with positive ease!  I really liked that they added in sections to help fix errors if the stitch counts are off.  I wear it constantly.  It’s comfy and I can wear layers under it if I want.  I probably could have gone down a size-but I love it anyways.
Maybe some people will think I’m crazy but the yarn I used is a single ply yarn, and  yes it has pilled!  I haven’t tried to de-pill it but it isn’t really a problem at this point since I’m wearing it at home.
I should have done a stretchy bind off on the bottom, it catches on things sometimes.  Definitely do not need something stretch on the top though.
This was the second project I swatched for-I highly suggest they way kelsi taught me.  I did a large swatch with a needle above, the listed needles, and below, and did a purl row each time I switched.  So-I only had to swatch once to see what I needed to match up.

KJ – No links to my sweater, I don’t even have a clue what it was called.  It’s not even finished.

3-Trail Safety and Etiquette

LInk to Rails to Trails Conservancy
Riding on Bike trails – Trail Etiquette and other helpful tips
While it’s not exactly trail etiquette, this is your friendly reminder to wear a bicycle helmet!
There are three major aspects to riding on a trail, Be Nice!, Yield, and Ride responsibly
No two trails are the same, but many of the same principles apply, even if you compare paved no matter where you ride.

Be Observant

Start by knowing where you are.  What trail are you on? What county are you in? Does the trail have any times it is closed – times of day or times of year?  There may be times it’s acceptable to ride on a trail when it’s closed but it’s often best to follow trail closings and stay off. Ex construction

Sometimes you may actually be, but most likely you’re not the only person out there.  You want to acknowledge not only your surroundings but the people around you as well. Too often you’ll get someone flying down the bike trail going way faster than they should, creating unnecessary risk to everyone else.   Know who is allowed on the path or trail you’re riding.

Ride Right, Pass Left

Especially on more urban bike trails, act as if you’re a car.  In the US that means ride on the right and pass on the left. Slowing down when you come up on someone.  When you do go to pass, let the person or people you’re passing know that you’re coming.  I prefer to say something like “Passing on your left” or “Two bikes coming on your left” This is especially helpful if you’re riding in a group.

Who gets to go?

Essentially what it boils down to, if you’re faster, slow down or stop for people who aren’t as fast and then pass when it’s safe. Bikers should yield to pedestrians and equestrians all the time and the winter may also include snowshoers or skiers.  On mtb trails, yield to the person climbing their bike up the hill.

Don’t block the trail

This has two parts –

Trails can be beautiful places to spend time, perhaps enjoying a beer, but if you’re stopped it’s best to get off the trail.  

If you’re riding with a group it’s easy to get is a double line making it easier to talk with your friends, but know that for others to use the trail it’s best to follow in a single line 

 Be nice!

That’s FO for now!  Talk to you in our next short and in the next Gravel knits full episode!

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