Short Cuts Episode 1: Super Soakers

Short Cuts Episode 1: Super Soakers!
Record Date: 5/5/21
Publish Date: 5/13/21


The daily NY Times Website link to apple podcasts, episode “Guilty on all charges”

Get vaccinated!  For the US 16 or older is eligible! 

One last announcement!  Caitlyn and Kelsi are participating in the 5k MAL with Knit Circus!  Join us!

Previous Project

Cheeky Soaker by Megan Christensen
Gravel Knits Website

Gravel Knits Website

Pattern is for slightly experience knitters (there is no directions on how to make an icord and the layout of the pattern does require some understanding of constructing a garment). It is a very flexible pattern that allows you to choose your own adventure!

This was Caitlyn’s first pattern 

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