Episode 4: Two Parter! Its raspberries with raspberries (part 1) and After 2020, we all need an extra beer (part 2)

Episode 4: Its raspberries with raspberries (part 1) and After 2020, we all need a bonus beer (part 2)

Record Date: 1/9/21

Publish Date: 1/26/21 and 2/2/21

Part 1:


Stillwater Artisanal – India Pale Hard Seltzer, dry hopped with sabro, citra & galaxy hops

4 Noses – Raspberry Blonde

Prairie Artisan Ales – Rainbow Sherbet

Black Christmas – Weird Beard Brew Co.

Announcements and Gravel Knits Events

Thank you Unraveling for playing our promo!!!  (Episode 95)


Current Projects


I cast on a sweater, couldn’t get gauge, got gauge, hated the gauge and kelsi has volunteered to help me remath the sweater so I can get a happier fabric. Pattern is the City Limits sweater by Tannis Lavallee. Ravelry Link

Still slowly working on my relentless shawl. Ravelry Link

Cast on the Corrosion Cowl by Julie Nandorfy. Ravelry Link

Christmas socks are just vanilla, no pattern.  Christmas socks are hibernating, possibly until next year.


Dissent Pullover – Andrea Rangel – I am being more monogamous on this sweater than I have been on anything in a long time Ravelry Link
I will say that I am absolutely loving the yarn I’m working with from Tactile Dactyl Etsy Link

These are sitting on the back burner –

Comfort Fade Cardi – Andrea Mowry Ravelry Link

Ottomania Throw aka my Adventomania Wrap – Mark Roseboom Ravelry Link

Lost Souls and Skulls by Maryetta Roy Ravelry Link


Bryan’s Car Project: Traditional Dishcloth by Staci Perry
Lily Sugar’n Cream Ombres; Colorway: Autumn leaves (Maroon, yellow, brown, and green) Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids & Denim; Colorway: Sage (Green)
Making a dish towel with stripes where I am knitting both colors double, I’m planning on two diagonal stripes. Ravelry Link

Caitlyn’s Car Project: Grandma’s Dishcloth by PJ Allen.  
Lilly Sugar & Creme Grape and Dark Pine.  Striping but changing in the middle every 2 rows.  Ravelry Link

Kitchen Table Project: Dumpster Fire 2020 by Kino Knits.
Various super value worsted acrylic yarns, I think it’s mostly red heart.  Using blue,  purple, or Green for the dumpsters and Red, Orange, and Yellow and at least one Black, Blue, and White for the flames.  Yellow for the “2020”.
Using US 2, 2.75 mm needle, I think its 40 inches.  I think on straights (10 inch) one could do 3 dumpsters at a time.
Planning on making 22 unless I think of more people to add to the list!
The pattern calls for duplicate stitch but I switched to stranded after the first one.  I’m knitting multiple at a time.  The yellow number yarn is 66 inches long. Ravelry Link

Living Room: Daelyn Pullover by Isabell Kramer 
Cascade Spuntaneous Worsted Color 21-Blackberry Heather. 
Almost done with the body!  Then the sleeves and the collar 🙂 Ravelry Link

Ryker’s Room: Easy as Pie Dishcloth by Emily Williams
4 yarns!  Knit Picks Dishie Twist Colorway 28248 Fiesta Red & Jalapeno.  Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Colorway Strawberry and Avocado. Ravelry Link

Bedroom: Christmas Cast on! Lumberjack by tincanknits
Yarn: Novita Moomin x Muumitalo Moominhouse (DK Weight) Colorway: 176 and 099 (Blue and Black)
Yarn feels a little scratchy-but once it’s blocked/washed this could change so I’m not decided on this yet. Ravelry Link

New Year’s Cast On: Alaska by Camille Descoteaux
Knit Picks Chroma Fingering Colorway Vermont
Knit Picks Stroll Fingering Solids, Heathers & Twists Colorway 27236 Cobblestone Heather
First fingering weight hat!  Other than dishcloths, this is the first time I’ve used the yarn a pattern calls for. Ravelry Link

Finished Objects


Three hats, no pattern/vanilla for two and the third is the koala hat by Jesse Molzan 

Koala: Ravelry Link



The Elizbeth Royal


Yoda by Segolene Roudot.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns ® Longwood Sport Colorway: 45 Orange.
I made this for my Dad, he wanted a bright orange yoda hat for hunting.  I knitted this by holding sport weight quadruple.  It is a dense hat! Ravelry Link

Traditional Dish Cloth by Staci Perry (Very Pink Knits) which is a dish cloth on the bias.  Knitted in stripes, increasing in size each stripe.  
Knitted in Lily Sugar & Creme White and Autumn Leaves.  Ravelry Link

Das Monster by Hrönn Jónsdóttir 
Valley Yarns Superwash DK in 5 different colors.  (17 Colonial Blue, 7 Red, 10 Soft Yellow, 13 Forest, & 26 White). Ravelry Link

Brioche Starter Hat by Raina K.  MC Cascade 220 superwash in Lichen and CC Malabrigo Rios in Liquid Amber.  Ravelry Link 

Crazy eights dishcloth by Julie Tarsha.  
4 yarns!  Knit Picks Dishie Twist Colorway 28248 Fiesta Red & Jalapeno.  Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Colorway Strawberry and Avocado. Ravelry Link 

Icord project Lion Brand Re-Up Colorways: 112 Raspberry, 133 Orange, 153 Black, & 107 Sky. Handle extensions for wet-dry diaper bags. Ravelry Link

The Gurin Beanie by Elisa Covelli
Knit Picks Chroma Twist Bulky Colorway: Vermont
Loved this!  It was fun to knit and also simple to knit.  
The SSK used was different, the pattern called is the slip slip knit (improved), slip knit wide, slip purlwise, knit through the back (don’t put them back on the right needle).  Next round knit through the back. Ravelry Link 

Yoda by Segolene Roudot
Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Bulky; Colorway: Moss (Mossy Green Color)
This is my fourth yoda hat, this one is for my mom Ravelry Link 

Pinwheel Cloth by Barbara Breiter
Knit Picks Dishie Twist Colorway 28248 Fiesta Red & Jalapeno.  Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Colorway Strawberry and Avocado. Ravelry Link

Spring Time Scrubby Dish Cloth by Heather Mastrangeli
4 yarns!  Knit Picks Dishie Twist Colorway 28248 Fiesta Red & Jalapeno.  Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Colorway Strawberry and Avocado.
I’m excited about this project because it is a mitered square, one of the benefits of doing so many dishcloths is that I’ve had the opportunity to play with a bunch of different knitting skills.  I’ve made three so far and gifted three :-). Ravelry Link I also made a large one: Ravelry Link

Patterns & Projects reference in this episode:

Magpie Tendency: Ravelry Link

Dancingindresses (Lindsey)’s pants project: Ravelry Link of Ripple Buttshorts by Jessie Maed Designs: Ravelry Link

Part 2:

Stash Enhancements


Purple lamb fiber co in its complicated on their sparkly sock base and some hand spun by Switchknits in denim berry and spilt ink. Spilt ink is blacks and blues and denim berry is ashy pastels of blue and pink and lilac. 

I also got hat yarn for Abbys hat for next year. It’s Letlopi and it’s one skein each of blue pink and white. 


I had a stash update until it turned into a project – the Elsa Cape – Cascade Cantata, in the amazing colors of 25 (turquoise) and 1 (white)


Tulip icord Knitter Machine

My mom gave me 2 Skeins of Malabrigo Sock yarn Colorway Candombe for Christmas!  It’s a mix of deep colors including a deep depp plum purple, line green, brown, and navy. I’m so excited to make socks out of this-going to do some sort of ribbing to make it stretchy. 

First Order: WEBs order for Baby Yoda (Grogu) hats.  The struggle is real on finding orange!

Promo Magnifying Ruler WEB-PUNRULER
Knit Start Up Project Notions Kit BLUPRINT
Superwash Merino Bulky CLOUDBORN Colorways: (015) Magenta and (005) Charcoal Heather
Longwood Sport CASCADE YARNS Colorway: (45) Orange
Merino Superwash Sock Twist CLOUDBORN Colorways: (006) Slate Heather and (103) Maize Heather and (101) Plum Heather
Muumitalo MOOMIN X NOVITA Colorways: (176) The Groke & (099) Stinky

Second Order: WEBs

Superwash Merino Worsted Twist CLOURDBORN Colorways: (019) Moss and (024) Garnet Heather and (018) Ocean and (005) Charcoal Heather and (003) Stone Heather
Wool Bulky Naturals CLOUDBORN Colorway: (03) Flax Heather
220 Superwash Effects Discontinued Colors CASCADE YARNS Colorway: (18) Spring
Color Duo CASCADE YARNS Colorway: (220) Cranberry Twist
Superwash Merino Worsted Twist Splash CLOUDBORN Colorway: (03) Atlantic Ocean
Merino Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints CLOUDBORN Colorways: (209) Downtown and (208) Rustic and (203) Borealis

Third Order:  Fibernymph Dye Works

End of the year sale-each order received three free minis: Peace Blue, Hope Yellow, Happiness Orange in Cozy her worsted weight yarn, 44 yards each, semi solids
Spellcaster Self-Striping (4) – Megga × 1 purple, turquoise blue, bright yellow, and bring green, 
Highlands Twist × 1 worsted weight,  Blue and black with Black plys marled in
Violet Twist × 1 worsted weight, Shades of purple with Black/Gray plys marled in
Megga – Small Batch, Non-Repeatable Colorways – Red × 2 semi solid maroonish, bulky weight
Ocean Twist × 3 Shades of blue with Black/Gray plys marled in, worsted weight
Rain Clouds & Tie-Dye Collection – Self-Striping (3) – Bona Fide × 1 self striping silvery gray with every other smaller stripes orange/yellow and purple/green
Cranberry/Forest Inversibles Sets – Mountain Tweed BFL × 1  Two skeins one MC Crainberry CC Green the other is the opposite

Fourth Order: Love Crafts Clearance Sale! 12/31/20

Malabrigo Sock – Colour Stonechat (173)
Malabrigo Mechita – Colour Renaissance (MTA691)
Malabrigo Sock – Colour Velvet Grapes (204)
Cascade Heritage Prints – Colour Tut (32)
Malabrigo Mechita – Colour Moon Trio New (MTA699)
Novita 7 Veljestä Napapiiri – Colour Trout (872)

Quote or Question of the episode:

“We can choose to be affected by the world or we can choose to affect the world.” Heidi Wills


Podcast: Next Question with Katie Couric – Turnout series

Sustainable Minimalist podcast episode (Dec 22nd is about laundry)

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