Kelsi has been playing with sticks and string for as long as she can remember. From weaving with stick and finger knitting, to crochet and spinning, knitting and knitting and knitting. She enjoys her multi-craftual lifestyle along side plenty of gravel bike riding and brewery stops. 


Caitlyn has been knitting on and off since middle school, but started up again in June 2020 as something to do with her hands while breastfeeding her son, Ryker. Caitlyn and her husband, Bryan, have been married since March 2017, and Ryker was born October 2019. In addition to knitting, Caitlyn enjoys fitness. She has competed in several CrossFit competitions, running races ranging from 5k to full marathon, triathlons ranging from Sprint to Olympic, mud runs varying from 5k to half marathon distance, and is excited to see what the future brings! Caitlyn loves animals and currently has a cat, Mellow, and a horse, Quinn.

Former Host:


Jess started knitting when she was 12, and she promptly forgot about it until picking it back up three years ago. She enjoys anything crafty and spending time with her daughter and her husband, especially while exploring new places and activities.