2024 Stash Challenge

Date : 2024

  • PRIZES!!
    • There will be a Grand Winner Prize – the person with the lowest yardage for the Stash Challenge
  • Yarn Coming IN – All yarn that you have bought
    • Yarn gifted to you does not count
  • Yarn Going OUT – Any yarn that you’ve crafted with counts. 
    • It does not count if you give it away
    • WIPs count, it does not matter the start date, the finish date must be between Jan 10, 2023 and Jan 10, 2024
    • Spinning yardage counts as yards going out
    • Holding yarn double counts for the total (yarn a + yarn b) (same for colorwork)
  • You will be asked for proof of your project which could include – a ravelry project, instagram post, blog post or email to the hosts that shows your finished product
  • Tools do not count towards yardage