Bah Bah Barb!

Topic: Interview with Barb
Episode number: 11
Record Date: 3/12/21
Publish Date: 5/4/21

Today we have a special guest!  Barb!  Barb is a bike rider, brew master, and crafter!  Barb’s pronouns are She, Her, & Hers.

Dranks-Kelsi and Barb!

All the beers from 515 Brewing

Lil Tart – Orange Cranberry Dreamsicle
Mexican Spring
Passe – Citra Pale Ale

Interview with Barb!

Meet Barb Becker – Head Brewer of 515 Brewing since July 2015, she even gets to name some beers now

Talk about Biking
RAGBRAI and the Gravel Day
Races: Gravel Worlds – Barb is up to defend her 150 Mile Women’s Fat Bike Championship
How did Barb and Kelsi get to Gravel Riding – Lack of Car Traffic, Trails get boring, Cooler people 😉
Redfield Rock’N’Roll – Race that Kelsi and Cole put on in September
If you want to go down the wikipedia rabbit hole, this is what Frost Boils are –
Talk about Brewing
Barb got started with brewing because of a long time gone ex who home brewed at the time.
After that, while Barb and Caitlyn were working at Rock Bottom, Barb took readings for the current brewer at the time and then she went on from there.
Favorite brew made and why
Funniest brewing story
Talk about Macramé

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