Episode 3: Batty for Beginners

Record Date: 12/11/20
Publish Date: 1/12/21


Palisade Peach Pale Wheat Ale by Breckenridge Brewery
Cherry Bomb Blonde by Front Street Brewery
Brewer’s Reserve Vanilla Cherry Stout by Central Waters Brewing Company 


Current Projects & Other projects

Christmas socks — no pattern vanilla socks.
Friendship socks — No Fear Shorty Socks by Denise DeSantis
Relentless shawl— Relentless by Tamy Gore

Dissent Pullover – Andrea Rangel
Ottomania Throw aka my Adventomania Wrap – Mark Roseboom
Lost Souls and Skulls by Maryetta Roy

Bryan’s Car Project: Traditional Dish Cloth by Staci Perry (Very Pink Knits) which is a dish cloth on the bias.  Knitted in stripes, increasing in size each stripe.  Knitted in Lily Sugar & Creme White and Autumn Leaves.  Ravelry Link
Caitlyn’s Car Project: Grandma’s Dishcloth by PJ Allen.  Lilly Sugar & Creme Grape and Dark Pine.  Striping but changing in the middle every 2 rows.  Ravelry Link 
Kitchen Table Project: Brioche Starter Hat by Raina K.  MC Cascade 220 superwash in Lichen and CC Malabrigo Rios in Liquid Amber.  Ravelry Link
Living Room: Daelyn Pullover by Isabell Kramer in Cascade Spuntaneous Worsted Color 21-Blackberry Heather. Ravelry Link
Ryker’s Room: Crazy eights dishcloth by Julie Tarsha.  4 yarns!  Knit Picks Dishie Twist Colorway 28248 Fiesta Red & Jalapeno.  Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle Colorway Strawberry and Avocado. Ravelry Link
Bedroom: Das Monster by Hrönn Jónsdóttir in Valley Yarns Superwash DK in 5 different colors.  (17 Colonial Blue, 7 Red, 10 Soft Yellow, 13 Forest, & 26 White). Ravelry Link

Finished Objects


Hats, Socks, Shawl? (a bunch of things I haven’t told you guys about :P)

Copycat Dishcloth by Michelle Krause in Lily Sugar’n Cream White (MC) and Yuletide (CC) Ravelry Link 

Stash Enhancements

Malabrigo Rios in Anniversario (pinks and blues and purples and reds and greens–think a vibrant sunset) 

Advent minis (yarn and fiber) from Fibernymph Dye Works

The principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt

WEBs order:
CLOUDBORN – Merino Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints (204) Joshs Cat
CLOUDBORN – Superwash Merino Sock Splash (01) Black Sea
CLOUDBORN – Superwash Merino Bulky (019) Moss
CLOUDBORN – Merino Superwash Sock Twist Tiny Stripe (02) Toe-riffic
CLOUDBORN – Merino Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints (207) Art Gall
Punkiny light orange,
VALLEY YARNS – Berkshire Bulky (11) Pumpkin
BLUPRINT – Knit Start Up Project Notions Kit *Cable knitting set


Caitlyn’s Goals for 2021
Complete 20 projects (rounded down from 2 projects per month); publish 6 patterns; complete at least 2 projects for charity, start and finish a sweater.  (Reach goal-120 project on ravelry-I’m at 59)

Jessica’s Goals for 2021
Knit a sweater and socks for herself, test knit a pattern, Swatch.

Kelsi’s Goals for 2021
TKGA Master Handknitter Level 1, publish at least one pattern,
I’m pretty much waiting until January to start the Master Handknitter.  I want a clean slate in my head. And perhaps to get a couple sweaters off the needles.

Beginner Patterns

Listeners!  If you have any suggestions, please email us and we will add them to the show notes on the gravel knits website!
(These are ravelry links-please let us know if you need a different way to get to these patterns and we can help!)

Dishcloth Patterns

Dishcloths are a great place to start!  Here are three dishcloth patterns that are all free!

Traditional Dishcloth from Staci Perry Ravelry Link
What makes this pattern so great is that it is simple but turns out great and looks fancy.  You only need to know a few stitches: Knit, Yarn Over, and K2tog.  Also, you only have to cast on and cast off a few stitches!

Copycat Dishcloth by Michelle Krause Ravelry Link
This pattern turns out to look very similar to the typical dishcloth you would see in a store, except it’s knitted!  You need to know Knit and Purl.  You have to be able to cast on and cast off 40 stitches.

Variation On a Theme by Dawn Friske Ravelry Link
This is very similar to the traditional dishcloth pattern on the bias, but adds the slip stitch.  This is my favorite dishcloth pattern.  It looks great on both sides.  You need to know the following stitches: Knit, Slip, Yarn Over, K2Tog, and SSK.  You will need to be able to cast on and cast off a few stitches.

Scarf Patterns/Cowl Patterns

A thing to keep in mind about scarfs, is they tend to be pretty long.  These can be a lot to take on as a first project.  Using thicker yarn can help with this!

emPower People by Casapinka Ravelry Link
This pattern is free!  This single skein cowl is a great early project!  Since it is smaller, it is a nice place to start and the garter pattern shows off variegated yarns.  You will need to know how to increase, knit front and back, knit, and purl. 

Fisherman’s rib YouTube Link
This is a nice upgrade from standard knit/purl ribbing and is good for an advanced beginner.

Headband Patterns

Headband with a twist by Mirella Moments Ravelry Link
This free pattern is a little more involved than some headbands but has photo by photo instructions and a video!  It is knitted flat and then sewn together.  It has a simple english rib that keeps it interesting but isn’t too complicated.

Hat Patterns

Snow Day by Jerry Burch Ravelry Link
This is a great first hat for so many reasons!  The pattern is free, it looks great solid or variegated or self striping or twisted yarn, and it’s knitted in bulky yarn-so it’s a quicker knit.  The instructions are written for knitting in the round with circular needles and switching to double pointed needles at the end.  However-you can use either for the entire hat (just switch to magic loop as needed for circulars).  You need to know how to knit, purl, cast on, and k2tog.  It may be helpful to use a stitch marker if you are not knitting the entire hat in magic loop.

Barley by Tin Can Knits Ravelry Link
This pattern involves knitting in the round with circular needles and switching to double pointed needles for the crown shaping (but it is optional to switch you can do magic loop).  The pattern is kept interesting by having a stockinette section and a garter section.  Another plus is that this is free!

Kaleidoscope Hat  Ravelry Link
Simple knit one slip one colorwork that makes a spiral stripe of color. It works really well with Malabrigo Rasta yarn or Lion Brand Thick and Quick.

Fingerless Mitts 

Easy Fingerless Mitts by Staci Perry Ravelry Link You Tube Link
This is a great beginning pattern.  The instructions are very specific and helpful on how to knit these with double pointed needles-but you can easily knit them on circulars as well.  Staci has a wonderful youtube channel called verypink knits (it is where i go first anytime I have any knitting questions) that includes multiple videos to help with knitting these mitts.  Also-this pattern is free!

Runrig Muffatees by Annie Cholewa Ravelry Link YouTube Tutorial
This is another free pattern.  These are knitted flat and then sewn together with a three needle bind off.  It gives a stripe texture created by garter and stockinette as it is knitted ‘sideways’ that makes them unique and stretchy.  There are some new terms listed, but the tutorial and instructions do a nice job explaining the stitches.  These are a quick knit and look pretty fancy when they are finished.  

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by tante ehm Ravelry Link

Mitts for Anna by Margaret Bloom Ravelry Link


World’s simplest mittens

Other Patterns



Pot Holders

Resources for Left handed knitters:

Left handed knitter

Bill souza 

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