Episode 19: “Microwaving Grapes”

CC Knit circus 5k Total so far 1,703.5
KJ Knit circus 5k Total so far 2294.9
Episode Number: 19 (25th recording!)
Record Date: 8/25/21
Publish Date: 9/7/21
Edited by: Caitlyn

Dranks (Kelsi)

Tonight’s Drinks: 

Citrus Sour Delight from NoCoast Beer Co

Jai Low

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 Announcements and Gravel Knits Events


Desamour Designs is a crochet designer that is hosting her 4th BIPOC MAL and we are going to participate!


What have you been listening to?

We can do hard things

Abby and Glennon and Amanda


What’s Brewing Current projects/ cast ons)


Vanilla Socks – Desert Vista Dyeworks – Rainbows rule the world

Sea Glass Tee – Abbye and Selena, Wool and Pine Designs

Ravelry Link http://www.woolandpine.com/ 

Fingering weight colorwork short sleeve tee. I’m using my minis from the Merry Everything and Happy Always mini swap. What was that I said about not doing another colorwork fingering weight sweater any time soon? And now I’m planning for my next 3 of these….

Bright Axis – Stephanie Lotvan of Tellybean Knits

Ravelry Link

Part of a book called Knit Happy with Self-Striping Yarn Amazon Link

Using the 10 years of Stripes and Color: 10 Anniversary Bright Colorway from Fibernymph Dyeworks on bedazzled for the Yoke and Black is Such a Happy Color from Watts Yarn on their Funfetti Sock base – it’s awesomely tweedy

Lap Blanket – Corner to Corner Crochet Method

Mandala something

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will be starting chemo soon and I want to give her something to cuddle up with.  At the moment it’s not very big but I’m going to try to find another yarn to put a border on it with

Born in Berlin – Wollmuschi

Paid for pattern on Ravelry

 Fingering weight hoodie that I’ve now turned into 1×1 colorwork, the pattern calls for size 6 needles but I’ve gone up to an 8

Hat Not Hate hat #5 – such a fancy pattern name 😉

           Something I’m making up as I go in Lion Brand Merino Yak Alpaca, so far it has about 3” of 2×1 ribbing


Caitlyn’s Work Project: Copycat Dishcloth by Michelle Krause

Needles: US 7 – 4.5 mm
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids & Denim Colorway: Dark Pine
Just needed something for small breaks at work.  This one looks great and is simple to create.  The pattern is written very well.
Ravelry Link 

Caitlyn’s Couch Project: Aperture Shawl by Ambah O’Brien

Needles: US 5 – 3.75 mm 

Yarn: New Garden Yarns Lavender BFL annual yarn base Colorway: Teal Fade
This is so fun!  This is a knitted lace shawl, I’m knitting the smaller size.  Starting with the lighter color so it will fade down to the darker shade of teal.  

Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Free Pattern
Knit Circus 5K
Upstairs Project: 990-223-001 Wrist Warmers by LANGYARNS SWITZERLAND
Needles: US 4 – 3.5 mm
Yarn: Kelsi’s handspun that she spun for Caitlyn’s birthday May 17, 2021
SO excited to talk about this pattern!  First off-how are there only two projects in ravelry?  (Kelsi and myself).
Second, the pattern is written in a paragraph-and it makes perfect sense! You must check this one out friends!

Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

End of the Trail (FOs)


            Nothing really but here’s an update on my meters for the Knit Circus 5k – 

                        Knit Circus 5K Current Total: 2294.9 Meters – I need to update this yet


Caitlyn’s Work Project: Copycat Dishcloth by Michelle Krause
Needles: US 6 – 4.0 mm 
Knitting heald double with  Yarn: Knit Picks Dishie Twist Colorway: Jalapeno Yarn: Red Heart Scrubby Colorway: Lime
Ravelry Link

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Kitchen Table:  Krampusnacht Socks by Carlie Perrins
Yarn: MC: KnitCircus Greatest of Ease Colorway: Leaf Peeping Panoramic Gradient
CC: Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering Speckle Colorway: Panettone
I’m on the leg of sock 2!
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Living Room: Dumpster Fire 2020 by Kino Knits.
Various super value worsted acrylic yarns, I think it’s mostly red heart.  Lots of colors!
Using US 2, 2.75 mm needles.
Need to glue 10 and Steam block one more and then I’m done with 20 dumpsters
38 grms per dumpster (before glueing together)
71.4 yard/65 meters per dumpster
20 dumpsters
1428 yards, 1307 meters (my oversized worsted weight sweater was 1155 yards/1056 meters)
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Free Pattern
Living Room: Free as a bird by Kajsa Vuorela Fredriksson
MC Yarn: unknown Aran acrylic Colorway: Cream
CC Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Colorway: 300 Denim Mist
Using up what was left from my Hat not Hate FO.  This is my first brioche knitted flat.  The pattern is both written out and charted.

Part of Knit Circus 5k MAL!
Free Pattern!
Bedroom: Slip Stitch Dish Towel by Willow Yarns Design Team
Yarn: recycled cotton yarn from a cotton sweater I purchased from goodwill.  This is going to be part of multiple towels for my sister for a wedding present.  She is all about creative reuse so I think this will be right up her alley since I can’t do what I originally planned for her wedding present. This is my first one for her set.
Ravelry Link Gravel Knits Website Link

What’s Hopping   


I’ll admit to my sweater quantity.  Caitlyn coerced me 😉 


Madelinetosh Van! Came to Yarn Junction Co. with one of a kind colorways!
Two Skeins for Madelinetosh Vintage -100% Superwash Merino Wool 
Medium Weight (4) Worsted
Color is a semi solid vibrant orange,  Almost red in a few spots and a fiery orange for most of it. I’m hoping i can do a colorwork cowl with it!


CC-Picnic Bike ride and surprise concert at Des Moines Water Works’ Lauridsen Amphitheater by Iowa Family Support Network
A Celebration of Public Health


Last weekend was Gravel Worlds in Lincoln Nebrasksa, sadly I did not get to ride but had fun spectating.  Fortunately my side gig had the option for a requirement to be met that I could also do in Lincoln on that same day.

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